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1st Gen Fabrication, LLC offers top-notch metal fence installation, blending security with elegance. Discover our range of fencing options, from driveway gates to pool safety fences, crafted for both protection and style.

Professional Metal Fence Installation in Fort Worth, TX, and the Greater Fort Worth Area

Finding a reliable metal fence contractor can be stressful, often leading to concerns about quality and durability. In Fort Worth, TX, and the greater Fort Worth area, 1st Gen Fabrication, LLC eliminates these worries with our expert metal fence installation services. We understand the importance of security and privacy for your property, offering a variety of fencing options including non-climb fences and gates. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures each fence we install not only enhances security but also adds aesthetic value to your property.

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Why Choose Our Fencing Solutions?

Our fencing solutions are tailored for quality, durability, and client preference. As a trusted metal fence company, we cater to your specific desires, sourcing the materials you want, from metal driveway gates to various types of metal fencing. Specializing in gate installation, including the exclusive use of LiftMaster brand products, we ensure top-tier quality in every project. Whether it’s safety around pools, perimeter fences for neighborhoods, or any kind of gate, we can build and install to your specifications. Our standard heights include 4′, 5′, and 6′, but we can adjust to any height you require. Additionally, our expertise extends to non-climb fences, guaranteeing both privacy and safety. Choose us for a seamless installation process that not only meets your security needs but also enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Elevate Your Property’s Security

Ready to enhance your property’s security with our metal fence installation? 1st Gen Fabrication, LLC in Fort Worth, TX is here to help. We provide durable, stylish fencing solutions that cater to your specific needs, ensuring peace of mind and a beautiful boundary.

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